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As an infectious disease physician, I see people facing death every day and one thing I have realized is that most people are never ready. Once they receive a diagnosis, panic and regret set in. People start to write down lists of dreams and aspirations but now have limited time and resources. I often see patients receiving a life-altering diagnosis just months after retiring. Instead of doing all the things they have put on hold until retirement, they are now fighting for survival. This is my reason for creating this journal together with my mother, to enjoy our lives now, to live our “retirement” goals now.

I am a voracious reader and applicator of personal growth and finance books, conferences, and seminars. I have been searching for a notebook that had space for all this and found none. I also wanted a journal that is beautiful so that I always want to have it on hand to document life’s messages.

Jolie Keenan

Jolie Keenan

As a publisher and writer of an alumni magazine, I feature the lives of successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. I often interview highly motivated athletes, scholars, academicians, and champion team performers. My magazine focuses on leadership training.

At an early age, I collected all my yearly memoirs. I have a cabinet filled with varying sizes and colors of diaries which served as an organizer and memory keeper of life’s anecdotes. Now, they all seem like a jumbled compilation of wit and humor.

As part of the baby boomer generation, I have seen the rapid transition from an analog to a digital world. I store files on my cell phone and laptop together with various attachments. I also carry three notebooks: for WORDS, to jot down thoughts and ideas, for NUMBERS to keep financial records, and a pad for present tasks or travel details. I keep my financial documents updated and filed safely. I worry about theft or hacking if I upload documents on my gadgets. Most notebooks make me live to plan. I want a smart journal that helps me plan to live.

Loudette  Guevara

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