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Everything you need to know is in my Yellow Notebook.

We highly advise that you keep this in a secure place.

A little background story...

Our Lolo Bolding (which means grandfather in Filipino) was the patriarch of our entire clan. He was born in 1937 at the beginning of WWII in the Philippines. He was the 10th out of 11 children. As you can imagine, growing up during those times was not easy, but he was able to put himself through school and marry the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the neighborhood, my Lola Bina (which means grandmother in Filipino). His wants were very simple but he created a legacy for all his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Every night, he counted his blessings by performing his “hilera,” that only he knew. Hilera is a Filipino term for "physically counting your blessings." Upon his passing, we were all heartbroken and had a lot of uncertainties given there was no written will and he had unfinished business.

He appeared in an interface dream to one of his grandchildren. He said, “Everything you need to know is in the yellow folder.” None of us have ever seen a yellow folder in his possession while he was living.

The family had urgent concerns when it came to his bank accounts, unfinished real estate transactions, accounts receivables, contracts, stock certificates, etc. So immediately my mother and my uncle searched his study for this yellow folder. They almost gave up after searching for two days. My mom said, “Hanapin natin.” Let’s find it! My uncle sat in my Lolo’s desk chair to mimic his perspective of the entire room. When he was about to give up, he stood from the chair and fell off balance. The chair swiveled backward, hitting a stack of papers that fell on my uncle’s head. And there it was, the yellow folder. It contained all of his accounts, lists of all his properties, unfinished contracts, and titles.

From then on, even after his passing on January 22, 2018, his estate continues to provide.

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